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Dentists Against Cancer Donate to Stanford Health Care – ValleyCare’s Women in Need Fund

For Immediate Release: November 2, 2016

Pleasanton, CA – Drs. Jeff Bueno and Tom Sellick are committed to the fight against breast cancer, the disease which claimed the lives of both of their mothers. “Having a family member diagnosed with breast cancer is devastating,” Dr. Bueno shared. “Not having the money to get treatment or postoperative care is demoralizing and defeating.” In 2009 Tom and Jeff founded Dentists Against Cancer, whose sole purpose is to raise money to help those adversely affected by breast cancer.

On August 19, 2016, Dentists Against Cancer hosted its sixth Tri-Valley Memorial Golf Tournament at the Poppy Ridge Golf Course in Livermore, California, and on October 31 the doctors presented a check for $31,500, representing the proceeds from the 2016 golf tournament as well as proceeds from the 2015/16 Main Street Brewery Semi-Annual Golf Classics, the 2015/16 Smiles For Life from Pacific Dental Care, and the 2015 Grins For a Good Cause from Patterson Dental Charity. Scott Gregerson, Stanford Health Care – ValleyCare’s President; Shaké Sulikyan, Executive Director of ValleyCare Charitable Foundation; and Denise Estrada, Director of Women’s Imaging and Cancer Services, accepted the donation on behalf of Stanford Health Care – ValleyCare’s Women In Need fund.

“The Women In Need fund helps underprivileged women battle breast cancer. Whether it’s a diagnostic mammogram, a prosthesis after surgery, postoperative compression sleeves, a bathing suit, a wig, or one of many other incidentals, the fund is there to help as many women as possible,” Dr. Bueno said. “We are happy to do this in memory of our mothers, both of whom lost their battles with breast cancer." The Women in Need fund was established in 2010 with funding from the first Tri-Valley Memorial Golf Tournament. The fund provides financial assistance to underinsured and underprivileged women in the Tri-Valley area who are in need of a diagnostic mammogram if their screening mammograms show area(s) of concern. Since 2010 the fund has grown, and last year the fund was used to provide lymphedema sleeves, bras, gloves, gauntlets, and prostheses to 87 patients, 140 wigs to cancer patients, and to pay for the diagnostic mammogram, ultrasound, and radiologist fees for one patient.

Approximately one in eight U.S. women (about 12%) will develop invasive breast cancer over the course of their lifetime, but regular screening mammograms are capable of detecting cancer in its earliest stages -- up to two years before a woman might feel a lump. Since a woman's risk for breast cancer increases with age, experts recommend a mammogram every one to two years for women ages 40 and older.

“We are extremely grateful to Drs. Bueno and Sellick for their dedication to our patients,” said Shaké Sulikyan. “Their generosity makes a tremendous difference at a time when our patients may feel at their most vulnerable. The funds available to patients allow them to focus on what’s most important, the fight against breast cancer and their recovery, instead of their medical bills.”

Women who live in the Tri-Valley and need financial assistance to pay for mammograms or other breast cancer services can call for more information on how to apply. Contact Sherry LaSalle, Nurse Navigator, 925-734-3313.

If you would like to make a donation to Stanford Health Care – ValleyCare, please contact ValleyCare Charitable Foundation at 925-373-4560 or ValleyCare Charitable Foundation is a 501(c) (3) non-profit with the sole purpose of raising funds for Stanford Health Care – ValleyCare. ValleyCare Charitable Foundation has been generously supported by the Tri-Valley community for over 50 years and is dedicated to keeping quality health care available to you and your family when you need it.

Pictured (left to right): Shaké Sulikyan; Tom Sellick, DDS; Scott Gregerson; Jeff Bueno, DDS; and Denise Estrada.

Contact: Shaké Sulikyan, Executive Director

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