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Donors are the heart of VCCF. Some have been inspired by the care they received as patients of Stanford Health Care — ValleyCare.
See how their compelling personal experiences led them to support our ongoing mission.  

Donor Stories


Brownie Troop 32951

Brownie Troop 32951

Brownie Troop 32951 set out to support Stanford Health Care – ValleyCare by providing care packages to the healthcare workers, but because of strict guidelines on what can be accepted at the Hospital due to the spread of COVID-19, the girls chose to help support the Hospital workers’ childcare needs while they are hard at work taking care of our community. The Brownies were happy to hear there was a matching-gift opportunity which doubled their hard-earned cookie sale profits. This service project has earned each girl their COVID-19 badge.

In addition to the service project, the troop has learned about the difference between N-95, surgical, and cloth masks; they've learned about the impacts of COVID-19 and how it has changed some people’s jobs; and they invited a deputy from a local sheriff's department to their Zoom meeting, who talked about safety in their community and how deputy jobs changed with the shelter-in-place.

Below are the Brownies’ personal messages of thanks to Stanford Health Care – ValleyCare Healthcare Heroes:

“Thank you Stanford Health care for all your hard work. You are one of the most hard working people at this time. I know that this donation will help you and your patients. Even when the virus happen you still helped people. So remember when you start your day tell yourself you can do it.” -Katelyn

 “Stanford Children’s Health helped my brother in 2018 when he had brain problems so it’s important for me to give back. Our troop chose you because you help people feel better and right now people need help more than ever so our troop wants to support you because healthy people means a healthy world. So we want to donate money that our troop earned by selling cookies so that it can pay for your child care while you are saving lives. Thank you...” -Mayson

“Our Troop wants to donate money to help Essential Workers during the COVID 19 Pandemic. We hope the money will be used to help pay for their child care. We thank you for helping everyone get better and being really brave so that others don’t get sick. We hope you all stay safe and healthy too!” -Chloe

“To all the Stanford Healthcare workers out there risking their lives for others, thank you. My troop and I decided to donate some of our profits to you because you help save so many lives. I will do my part to stay home. You risk your life everyday at work trying to help people that are sick. I hope you stay safe and healthy. Thank You.” -Abby

“Thanks for all you do. You are the most important worker’s right now. You take care many people everyday and you work really hard to help the world. And many people need you every day, so we want to help.” -Emily

“Thank you for working each day and night, and keeping us safe and helping us get through this mess. Thank You.” -Amelia

“Thank you! You are a great and amazing help to this community. It may be hard to do your job during this time but I think you are heroes! Helping sick people is hard work so my troop and I want to help you out! We raised a bunch of money selling cookies and decided to give some of that money to you! I hope that our donations will help you get through this. We are so grateful to have you helping us, so stay safe and thanks again!” -Amani