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What We Do


Since 1961, ValleyCare Charitable Foundation has worked with our Tri-Valley neighbors to build a healthcare system that directly reflects their growing and changing needs. Our efforts continue to fund pioneering programs, including cutting-edge cancer services, state-of-the-art equipment and technology for the Emergency Department and Cardiac Surgery, financial assistance for pulmonary and cardiac rehab patients, and more.

It started as a grassroots movement. At the time, the Tri-Valley was a small farming community and residents needing medical care faced a long trip to the nearest hospital. People began going door to door, raising money to build a hospital close to home, and the community support grew from there. Neighbors looking out for neighbors, their generosity ensuring the health of the region, a spirit that continues today.

In 2015, our Hospital affiliated with Stanford to become Stanford Health Care — ValleyCare, adding globally renowned expertise to our robust local offerings. The Hospital remains an independent nonprofit, reliant on private donations. Our goal is to foster and protect the lifeline between the people of the Tri-Valley and the compassionate, personalized, and high-quality medical services that enhance the greater community.

We work harder, knowing that every contribution could literally be a lifesaver.